Date: March 21st 2013

Dear George -
the video you made for my 80th birthday bash was delightful (considering my dear son-in-law didn't have very many good pictures of me) you made the best of what you got. The music was fun and you do sound very much like Mr.Sinatra, whom I idolized.

 I saw him LIVE several times. He was the star attraction for a convention I managed at Caesar's Palace - we had the entire showroom and he welcomed the members of my association and they put our logo on the curtain, something which Sinatra seldom allowed.

But we're talking about a convention of 2,000 well-off businessmen who loved to gamble.  He was fantastic that night, and I had been to his show that night as he got on the elevator with his bodyguard. I was with my boss and there were no other people on it.  I was so starstruck I was literally speechless and just stood there like a deaf mute.

 I have all his music.  Thank you for doing that for Bernie, it was really a great gift and a great surprise.  I wish you continued success in your career.  I would've love to hear
you sing "New York New York", my favorite of Sinatra's.

 Love and Blessings,
Carol Wagner
(80-years old
and counting)

Thanks, Carol!
As FS would say, "may you live to be 150 and the last voice you hear is mine...!"
George Lyons xoxoxoxo

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